Why 97% of Businesses Fail to Succeed Online

Internet Marketing is the wave of the future…

Internet has changed the way,

  • We find new information – (Google, Bing)
  • We shop  – (Flipkart, Jabong)
  • We Look for a Job – (Naukri, Monsterindia)
  • We connect with People – (Facebook, Twitter)
  • We communicate i.e. read & write emails – (Hotmail, Gmail)

All of us, access the Internet today to fulfill a purpose of our own. Yet we seldom realize that the internet has changed us completely in a decade. Now we look for information instantly at the click of our fingertip. In the last ten years the inquisitive web surfer from India has turned into a consumer.

And as Internet Marketer’s – We see enormous opportunities for a businesses wanting to grow online.

The only question that you need to ask yourself is - Do You?

Internet Marketing Services: A gist

Internet marketing is the most popular methods used by most of the people working upon online businesses to optimize their websites. Internet marketing is the process for an online business to reach the customers online and optimize on serving through internet with ease. In this era, internet is the cheapest & simplest electronic communication means which connects persons all over the natural boundaries of the world. This is the paramount chance to inflate your horizons in this e-business world. Internet marketing may seem difficult as a beginner, but with the help of proper tools and tactics carrying out business online becomes easier. All you need is a little help with the ecommerce specialists and the internet marketers who may help you strategize and plan accordingly.

Internet marketing can be a success with proper implementation of search engine optimization (SEO) techniques that are used to woo the search engines through proper keywords .This helps in better search engine page results for your website. Optimizing your website first for the user and then for the search engines helps you grow better.

Internet marketing services include the complete search engine marketing (SEM). The search engine is another term that includes both the SEO and the online advertisements. The online advertisements like Google PPC campaigns are better served and looked after by internet marketing experts. The main purpose of online marketing is to get better ranking and increase your branding image online through online advertising and keyword optimization. All these methods are quiet lucrative towards optimizing the website. Appropriate use of keywords and proper optimization is the source to a better traffic to your website. And a good content on your website with good online interactive services will help develop good customer relations.

Various categories of Internet Marketing are:

  • Email Marketing
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Online Direct Marketing
  • Link uilding
  • Viral Marketing
  • Online Public Relations
  • Online News Articles

The benefits that these internet marketing tool can offer are enormous. You desperately need to get your potential clients to believe that you’re an expert otherwise; they will not buy from you. Google and other giant search engines favor those internet marketers who are working hard to provide online users with new and nice content.

Google’s New Recommendation System – The Google +1 button

As Google is known for its innovative services, this time again, it is back with a bang with its new feature “+1” button. It is a very new and exciting feature that enables the user to refer a particular thing if he or she feels so. This +1 button is shortcut for “this is nice” or “you should check this one.”

It is kind of approval for any website .This can really help your friends and colleagues to get the relevant stuff when they search.

This +1 button is socially similar to facebook “like” button and it works very similar to the favorite social network’s recommendation system, except it is directly shown in the browser or Search engine result page. Whenever your friend gives a website or webpage the +1, you can find it in your search results, as long as you’re signed into your Google Account.

To enable this feature in your website, you will have to embed a code in your website.

However, one thing, that must be kept in mind that each and everything has some pros and cons and so is Google +1 button .As the feature is very new, nothing can be predicted. Its increased use and exposure will reveal its actual utility.

For more information watch the video below….

Student Corner

Google’s official representative- Mr. Matt Cutts has explained so many SEO strategies and tips in a live chat that was hosted on the very renowned website-youtube. This time, he has thrown more light on the advanced features that has been introduced by Google:

Google’s official representative- Mr. Matt Cutts has explained so many SEO strategies and tips in a live chat that was hosted on the very renowned website-youtube. This time, he has thrown more light on the advanced features that has been introduced by Google:

Social media optimization A complete promotional solution

A cool social media campaign can make wonders for the website. It is because Social media optimization enables the company to get high traffic as well as leads. It also helps in branding and promotional activities. It is probably the most important reason for its popularity. Social media is primarily done in 4 categories:
  • Social Media Sites – Social media sites includes facebook, twitter, MySpace, orkut and LinkedIn. As, Orkut and MySpace are not one of the most in things these days, they have lost their importance completely. The reason behind the failure can be the outdated look of profile, security issues and lack of innovations. That is why only face book, twitter and linkedin are targeted mostly.
  • Social Media Dashboards- Ping.fm and Hootsuite.com are the major social media dashboards sites. These are sites that provide easy updates. Here, the sites provide the facility of connecting all the social networks together to one-dashboard and send messages to all at a time.
  • Social Media Benchmarking- Social media benchmarking or social media bookmarking is used to bookmark a website. It is very easy and effective. All one needs is to register its website on the social bookmarking sites like digg, stumbleupon, raddit, diggo etc. This really helps in increasing the page rank to a great extant.
  • Microblogging – It is the most in thing these days. Tweets on twitter are the best example of it. Microblogging can be regarded as the more advanced version of blogging but one need to be very precise and specific in microblogging. Twitter is regarded as the leader of microblogging on the web though there are many others too like Hellotext, pownce etc that are not used much.

These are some major techniques that are used under one common head – social media optimization. With the help of these, one can easily get a reasonable change in his number of visitors. Another very important change that can be made using SMO strategies is promotion. One brand can be promoted very effectively through social media but this can only be done by selecting the best social media website, for example – if you like to use microblogging then twitter is there for you, if you want to develop a network, then facebook and LinkedIn is the best option for you.

Studies have revealed that probably in 2011, social media will be second most important way of website optimization .It’s because many publicity through word of mouth is the best publicity and that can be achieved very effectively using the social media. So, all the website owners out there, what are you waiting for? Grab this opportunity in the best possible way, boost your business and take it to a new horizon.

Google’s New Tip-Some Minor Things can lead to Major Change in Ranking

Google’s official representative- Mr. Matt Cutts has explained so many SEO strategies and tips in a live chat that was hosted on the very renowned website-youtube. This time, he has thrown more light on the advanced features that has been introduced by Google:

  • Availability of Google’s Panda Updates in more languages – Google Panda updates always keeps an eye on content farms and low quality websites. However, these websites are not common in other languages; Google will definitely roll out these updates to other languages also after some testing in the subsequent months.
  • The Website That Were Penalized Can Get Their Ranking Back – The websites that were penalized by Google can get their ranking back by following the ethical and legal seo techniques.
  • Users have the authority to block a website – Users can block the websites in the search results if they are logged in to Google. If a particular number of users mark that website as blocked, then that website will considered of low quality.
  • The ranking of a website can be influenced by its IP address – If you want to get high rankings on Google.fr, it can be possible if the website has a French IP address. Websites that do not have French IP address can also obtain high ranks but French IP address gives an added advantage.
  • To prevent the duplicacy of content, use 301 redirects and the canonical tags – If multiple URLs contain the similar content on your websites, you should use canonical tag to avoid that issue. If you changing the URL, then you can use 301 redirect from old to new URls.

Hope, these tips will help you to optimize your site properly and get its high ranking to a great extant.